The Energy Transition

Accelerating the energy transition, through the electrification of the economy for a cleaner, more sustainable energy future

Accelerating the Energy Transition

The world is electrifying. Over the next decade, the U.S. government will invest hundreds of billions of dollars in an electrified energy system that is more resilient, sustainable, decarbonized and connected. This historic down payment on America’s energy future is driving the private sector to leverage trillions of dollars toward this new energy future, which will create thousands of jobs, restore American manufacturing, and help foster economic growth.

Electrical systems are the backbone of this new electrified energy future. The electroindustry is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that makes modern life possible, from smart lighting to connected electrified vehicles to solar energy generation.

By its very nature, the new electrified energy system is complex and interconnected, and the journey to achieve its promise is riddled with challenges and opportunities. Together, we must carefully navigate the road to electrification, identifying the accelerators and barriers to arriving at our destination. Over the next decade, we will be faced with choices that affect our ability to deliver the anticipated 12.2% rise in electricity demand, the expected appearance of 26.4 million electric vehicles on our roads by 2030, and the grid’s ability to provide affordable, reliable energy to all Americans. We are committed to contributing our science and engineering know-how to making data-driven, well-informed choices that maximize investments in our electrified energy future and accelerate our arrival at our desired destination.

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Mapping the Energy Transition
The Road to the New Electrified Economy

NEMA has mapped the critical nodes within the new electrified economy, from microgrids that generate and store energy locally to electrified, smart, and connected building and transportation systems. Each node embodies technology and policy barriers and accelerators that affect our journey towards a more electrified world.